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Welcome to Volume XVIII

In here, you’ll find Fiction, Poetry and Nonfiction pieces that break the literary rules. Experimentation is not just a phase, but rather a revolution. This volume seeks to give space to our shared experience: voices from all identities that look at not just the heart, but the uncanny bowel, elbow and pinkie toe of humanity.

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Firefly is the podcast of Lumina Literary Journal, where we talk all things wordy and spin a story or two of our own. Each episode explores craft, perspectives and literary talent. Firefly podcast is hosted by editor-in-chief Chelsea Asher, and produced by Parks Kugle, Andrew Scheid, KT Herr, Katiy Heath and Rohitash Gupta. However, Firefly is not one voice; we seek to explore the writing community in all its variegated forms.

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La Lengua is a branch of the literary journal Lumina which seeks to provide a platform for non-native english speakers and multilingual individuals to publish literary work.

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