2017 Flash Prose Contest Finalists

We are excited to share the winners of LUMINA’s first ever flash prose contest. In keeping with this year's theme, Borders and Boundaries, we asked writers to submit without categorizing their work into a specific genre. This allowed LUMINA's editors to focus strictly on the writing when choosing our finalists. Our three winners have an astounding ability to flesh out worlds in 750 words or less. We hope “P. Lawson,”  “Offering to the sky,” and “Sentenced.” engender a strong emotional response and embolden writers to continue to create expansively—even within constraints.

Classico , Rodriguez Calero aka RoCa

Classico, Rodriguez Calero aka RoCa

P. Lawson

By Kiley Reid

In 1994, three weeks before she was hit by a car in front of her home, I pretended to be Pia Lawson. We were waiting for the fourth grade music teacher who was six minutes late, and we were feeling very remarkable for being without an adult for such a long period of time.

The Sound , Joy Lai

The Sound, Joy Lai


By Megan Thomson Connor

It was late August when we met. He was a writer and everything he said sounded poetic and suggestive.
He had a pool at his apartment complex. In the moonlight, we played chicken fight with a couple of teenagers. After they had left, I remained on his shoulders as he bobbed around the pool, his beard grazing my inner-thigh.

Free Are Those , Mirlande Jean-Gilles

Free Are Those, Mirlande Jean-Gilles

Offering to the sky

By Leticia Urieta

In the morning we tied you, our baby, to balloons and watched you float up and away from us into the gray sky, floating straight to heaven.

We packed you in hampers, in baskets, tied balloons to chairs for the older ones and strapped you in with severed car seat belts and twine, letting our collective hope lift you away from this place.