Review of "No Landscape Lasts Forever"


Amber C. Hart’s short story collection, No Landscape Lasts Forever, was published by Excalibur Press in September 2016. Included in the collection is her short story, Animal Husbandry, which was originally published in LUMINA (Online Issue 6, 2016) as the second place winner in our 2015 Fiction Contest judged by Roxane Gay.

We recently discovered that Hart’s short story collection earned a national silver medal in the 2017 Independent Publisher Book Awards. Our Managing Editor, Tsahai Wright, is excited to share her review of No Landscape Lasts Forever:

These are the collected stories about the people we know, or at best, presume to. These are the lives of the couple that you see in the Walmart, or the kids whose parents are never at PTA meetings, or the nurse's aide at your doctor's office. We assume that we know them based on how we engage with them in the streets, but theirs are lives hidden in plain sight. Amber Hart has given us a collection of tales in her debut, No Landscape Lasts Forever, where she shines a light on the part of American families that most of us know, and some of us have lived, but pretend to have nothing to do with. Writing with clarity throughout the dialogue and depth within the premise, Hart exposes the normalcy in dysfunction with clever characters and magnificently delivered prose. Each story places the reader right in the heart of the situation with a familiarity that arises from either experience or observance. Wonderfully executed and woven together, Hart's collection is one that will stay with you long after you've finished reading.