Spotlight: 'Firefly' Podcast Episodes 5 & 6

LUMINA Journal is taking a break from the Writer of the Week series on our social media platforms to shine a spotlight on one of our newest ventures: Firefly Podcast! This week, we’re excited to present Voices Across Worlds, a multi-genre episode with work from Shuang Ang, Rhea Dhanbhoora, Meher Manda, and Vanessa Stone.

Listen here: 005: Voices Across Worlds

This curated selection of poetry and prose tunes into the resonance of the different lives we lead: the world of childhood perspective in the face of a catastrophic flood, featuring Jack Human; the world we hold inside ourselves in the face of family and community; and the places we take to for refuge and rebellion… including the fridge. We also travel to worlds inside walls, and meet the creatures who wiggle through them. And, finally, we have a question about this very specific world in which we find ourselves: who do we write stories for? A feminist perspective on the MFA workshop.

We’re also highlighting an interview segment with author Fred Lit Yu. Sarah Lawrence MFA student Rohitash Gupta sits down to talk craft with Yu, as well as explore his thoughts on the genre of Wu Xia, martial arts, Yin Yang blades, and baseball strategy.

Listen here: 006: In Conversation with...Fred Lit Yu 

Theme music for the podcast was composed by musical artist, producer, and songwriter Myles Karp.

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Contributors: Episodes 5 & 6

Fred Lit Yu

F. Lit Yu writes fiction in the Asian Fantasy Martial Arts epic genre. He is a filmmaker, chef, Feng Shui practitioner, martial artist, and was a risk manager in a bank for over a decade. He graduated from New York University majoring in film and television, and has directed a number of documentaries and short films while working in the financial services industry. Yu’s first publication, The Legend of Snow Wolf, was published by China Books in 2012, followed by a cookbook in 2017, Haute Tea Cuisine, representing his innovations in extracting artisan teas in French sauces. A martial arts instructional book on his knife system, Yin Yang Blades, was released in May 2018. Yu is currently a full-time writer and lives in New York City. Website:


Shuang Ang

Shuang Ang is a first-year MFA student at Sarah Lawrence College. Shuang's poems have been published or are forthcoming in The Rumpus, the Asian-American Writers' Workshop, and Quarterly Literary Review Singapore.


Rhea Dhanbhoora

Rhea Dhanbhoora is a second-year Fiction candidate going back to full-time study after a seven-year stint at a media company. Back home in Bombay, her full-time job included editing and handling Features supplements for a daily newspaper, but her heart lies in creating and appreciating Fiction, with a little poetry on the side. Not counting a very brief spell selling homemade cakes, cookies, and sugarcraft models, she's worked for health portals, travel websites, a short film company, literary reviews, hotel and brand content, the blog section of a podcast, and as a teenager, had a collection of what some people may call poetry published.


Meher Manda

Meher Manda is a poet, short story writer, culture critic, and educator from Mumbai, India, currently based in New York City. She earned her MFA from the College of New Rochelle, and was the founding editor-in-chief of The Canopy Review. She is the co-founder of An Angry Reading Series and is currently at work on her debut poetry manuscript and short story collection. Her debut chapbook, "Busted Models,” is forthcoming from No, Dear magazine in Fall 2019.


Vanessa Stone

Vanessa Stone is pursuing a Masters in Creative Writing at Sarah Lawrence College. She is currently working on a short story collection and a novel.