How to Write for the LUMINA Blog

So you want to contribute to the blog? Here’s how to pitch us.

For interviews or reviews:

First, please read some of our recent blog posts here to get an idea of what we’re looking for.

Email us at with your name, the writer you plan to interview, and the angle. We’re interested in both big names and smaller-named writers. We’re interested in writers who are diverse (age, race, gender identity, etc.). We’re interested in writers who take risks, push the envelope, or have an interesting journey. We’re interested in writers who are exploring the world in ways that others aren’t.

We will then respond with a yes or no and possible edits to your angle. We’ll want to see a preview of your questions. We recommend having 8-10 questions prepared for the interview. Always have follow-up questions once you get their answers as well.

Interview pitch example (Please note, once you’ve done a little contributing, the pitches don’t have to be so formal):

Hello LUMINA Blog,

My name is Jane Doe and I’d like to interview Camille Acker, a fiction writer. Her debut short story collection is coming out in October, so I want to interview her about shopping around a collection as well as the inspiration for these stories. These stories center classism and racism, so I want to know how other writers can find a press/publisher that would be proud to represent such collections.

I am hoping to schedule the interview by September 13th. I have her personal email so I can contact her once I get the go ahead.



Jane Doe

If you need an example of how to send an interview pitch TO the author, just ask!

For essays, listicles, how-to’s, etc.:

First, please read some of our recent blog posts here to get an idea of what we’re looking for.

Here is a pitch guide I like to refer to when pitching essays to publications. Even if you’re not going to contribute to the LUMINA Blog, this is extremely helpful for any writer!

We’re particularly interested in anything centering writing and/or the MFA--experiences, critiques of, journey to, but we’re open to other ideas! If your pitch is accepted, this is a great way to say you’ve been published and add to your author bio.  

Please also include your writing experience and links to a few writing samples (blog posts elsewhere, published essays, etc.). If you do not have writing samples or published works, please include the first draft of your essay/listicle/how-to with your pitch.