Hello, Fall 2016!

For me, summer is a strange time-warp; it goes by too quickly and too slowly at the same time. It is filled with late nights and lazy mornings, working the odd job, friends and road trips, family barbecues. It passes by in a warm haze. Now fall is arriving, which means everything is set in motion again: it’s time to get back into the swing of things. The cooler weather and cloudy days invoke a rush of energy, a renewal of involvement and motivation. This change can bring about greater inspiration to write – or at least, deadlines that must be met. Classes start, reading is assigned, writing must be turned in instead of just saved for later on your computer or shelved along with other notebooks of jottings. “Back to school” means stress, which can be disruptive to the creative process. However, some people use that stress to get themselves going, and find that deadlines push them to put their creativity to work. Does the beginning of the school year propel your writing process? Does the change of weather influence your desire to write? Autumn is my favorite season for writing. I love to come home after class on a rainy day, wrap myself in a blanket, and sip cinnamon spice tea. Microsoft word calls to me, and I answer willingly.

Victoria Johnson, Assistant Blog Editor, Fiction '18