LUMINA Online: Volume 7

Welcome to LUMINA Online: Volume 7! Each work of literature is paired with visual art that matches the theme or tone. We encourage you to explore the journal by selecting images that speak to you and read the works linked with them.  A traditional table of contents is found at the bottom of the page. 

Color Mixing, David Sheskin. 
David Sheskin is an artist and writer who lives in Bethel, CT.

Shiva  , Brigid McGivern  Nonfiction:  (Un)Raveling,  Sarah Van Bonn

Shiva, Brigid McGivern
Nonfiction: (Un)Raveling, Sarah Van Bonn

LUMINA Online: Volume 7

Table of Contents


My Freshman Roommate & Her Parents, Valerie Fioravanti
Ghost in the Wall, Nicole Miyashiro
Which Dead Celebrity are You? Ryan Ridge


Rice Grain Girl, Alysia Sachwyn, 3rd Place, 2017 LUMINA Nonfiction Contest
Imiryango, Gabrielle Spear, Finalist, 2017 LUMINA Nonfiction Contest
(Un)Raveling, Sarah Van Bonn


The Abductee Tries to Move Forward, Kate Gaskin
Honeysuckle, Marlo Starr
Chronoscopes 111, 121, 131, John Walser
Along the Shoulder, Jake Young


Rena, Lisa Ferber
Tent City, Mirlande Jean-Gilles
Luis' Arm/Puro Colombia, Juan Giraldo
Galapagos, Leslie Long
Signs from the Backroads, Amanda MacGregor
Shiva, Brigid McGivern
Double Yellow Road, Adam Regan
, Freddie Rodriguez
Color Mixing, David Sheskin
Inner Light, Steve Smulka
From the series 26.2034° N, 98.2300° W, Vincent Valdez