By: Vinít Kurup


میں ایک آئینے بننا چاہتا ہوں
تاکہ ہم تمہیں واپس کر سکوں
آسمانوں ک نگوں
آنسوؤ ک میٹھی پانی
سورج مکھی ک پنکھڑیوں
اور الفاظ ج دعاؤں بن گئے

- New York City, USA (2018)


I want to become a mirror
so that I can return to you
the colors of the sky
the sweet water of tears
sunflower petals
and words transformed into prayers.

- New York City, USA (2018)


Vinít Kurup is an Indian-American writer who was born and raised in Spain. He makes use of this multi-ethnic identity; and command of several languages including (not limited to) Spanish, Hindi, and English; to express himself with all his intersectionalities.