MUSIC VIDEO: Reunion Island "Technique" from their LP Collapse

Reunion Island is the collective effort of Ashley Cromeens, Matt Leer, and Brad Loving. They pull from a wide array of influences and disciplines: Leftfield Electronic, Aleatoric music, Dub, Minimalism, Post Punk, Assemblage, and Beats. Their new album, Collapse, aspires to tell a dynamic new story with a unique and creative musical language.

Their musical story goes back some twenty years, based loosely around art school in Denton, Texas. Musical tastes and trajectories were expanded through two decades of exchanged mix-tapes, remixes, and various collaborations. During that time, Loving migrated to Chicago and then Brooklyn but kept in close musical kinship with Leer and Cromeens, who both live in Dallas.

Reunion Island was forged in the summer of 2017 when Loving took new compositions to the shared studio of Cromeens and Leer. During four days of intense fourteen-hour sessions, early sketches were transformed, and new tracks were born.

Then, after nearly a year of collaborating on the music remotely, Reunion Island approached famed instrumentalist and engineer John McEntire of Tortoise to mix the material. Additionally, McEntire graciously agreed to play drums on the album. Reunion Island gathered together once again in Soma Studios. McEntire refined the music yet again while adding new urgency with live percussion. His acumen providing the final piece of the puzzle.