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La Lengua

La Lengua is a branch of the literary journal Lumina which seeks to provide a platform for non-native english speakers to publish literary work. Our hope is to decenter the english language through a calling to folks who express their art in other languages. Maybe, you are a person who writes in your native language creatively, or you are a person who expresses your cultural identity exclusively through english, perhaps it's both in one poem. We hope that you will come to us with your art, as we seek to uplift underrepresented voices, and promote cultural pride beyond the canonical normative. This is for voices who do not fit that mold, but are molded by the varieties of places and peoples they carry with them, in their art. La Lengua, we hope, will be a place that centers pieces of translations, languages and cultural memory/recalling. We hope to join this international conversation of art which reflects true experience, broadening the languages with which we fill this space.