Tent City, Mirlande Jean-Gilles

Tent City, Mirlande Jean-Gilles


The 2019 digital issue of Lumina will culminate through a series of weekly publications. Each week, we feature several new pieces, including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, speculative fiction, and art, by emerging writers and creators.

Volume 9.6

Short Stack by Rachel Knox (Nonfiction)
in the downpour by Alice B Fogel (Poetry)
Amber Salt Water Test by Eli Binkovitz (Poetry)
Friday by Jeff Hill (Fiction)

Volume 9.5
multilingual Contest

Judged By:
R.A. Villanueva

Two One Two by Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad
Mirror by Vinít Sagar Kurup
The Other by Meher Manda

Volume 9.4

House of Birds by David Freeman (Fiction)

Radiant by Rachel Karyo (Fiction)

By Any Means by Vittoria Benzine (Nonfiction)

Deep River Elegy by Evan Cutts (Poetry)

Orbit // Obitt by John Sibley Williams (Poetry)

Volume 9.3

Pronoun Confusion by Evan Steuber (Fiction)

Old Haunts by Tom Gresham (Fiction)

Sisyphus’s Friend by Samuel Rafael Barber (Fiction)

What If Ghosts Exist? by Vivek Sharma (Poetry)

White Plains by Haesong Kwon (Poetry)

Spring Fiction Contest Winners

Judged by: Kristen Arnett

First Place: Teeth by Raisa Tolchinsky
Second Place: Return of the Thing by Katerina Ivanov
Third Place: Like Magic by Sami Bolf


A New Silence by Samantha Paige Rosen (Fiction)

Narraticide by Andrew Gretes (Fiction)

Jesus Makes a Mean Rattlesnake Stew by Roger Camp (Poetry)

Girl as Pearl by Jo Hylton (Nonfiction)