LUMINA Volume XVI: Borders and Boundaries

LUMINA Volume XVI: Borders and Boundaries


The first THEMED issue in LUMINA's history!

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Perry Glasser                Finish With the Rose

Nicole St. Pierre            Distant Relations

Maria Alvarez                American Ghost

Zachary Doss                Fuck Marry Kill

Mona Awad                Dream Me

Daniel Paul                The Holy Land Wildlife Network


Todd Gastelum            Chorizo

Kristina Moriconi            The Language of What Can and Cannot Be Measured

Randy Osborne            Smokes and Mirror

Autumn Whitefield-Madrano        Foundation

Kathleen Sweeney            Scrolling at the Border

Vinson Cunningham            On Aaron Copland’s Four Piano Blues


Jim Whiteside                Parable

Jesse Wallis                Home Front

Virginia Folger                Ninety

Keith Donnell                Heaven

Mark Gosztyla                Mediocre, At Best

Nina Murray                All enemies, foreign and domestic

Colleen Coyne            Tricks for the Camera Owner

Elizabeth Knapp            Elegy with Spray Paint Can

Amy Whitcomb            Edifice

Megan Merchant            Long Division

Nina Bannett                Persephone's Alibi

Killarney Clary                Pinned



Carlos Pardo                 Bleach

Translated by Curtis Bauer

Fabio Morábito            The Book Trampler

Translated by Curtis Bauer

Marius Burokas             Lithuanians 5

                    Human and Oyster

Translated by Rimas Uzgiris

Judita Vaičiūnaitė            From the Cycle, "That Diaphanous Night"

Translated by Rimas Uzgiris

Kōtarō Takamura            In a Café

Translated by John Peters



Adam King                The Quarter

CA Conrad                Power Sissy Intervention #1: Queer Bubbles

                    Every Feel Unfurl

Kevin Pilkington                Imagination

Marcelo Toledo                Virgo Moon

                    Fluido Oblicuo I

Dominique Christina            "The Victim Remains Anonymous..."

Matthew Trafford            Part Two: 1981 (excerpt from “The Mine Monster of Britannia


Jennifer Knox                Closing the TED Talk


Mirlande Jean-Gilles            Woman as her own home

Brandan Bmike Odums        White Only

Brigid McGivern            Shiva

Rodriguez Calero            La Nueve Reina

Rina Miriam Drescher            The Red Scarf

Scott Kulok                Ragged heart at Newtown

Lauren Briere                Cardinal-Bot

Julie Wills                Untitled (for Felix Gonzalez-Torres and All Other Lovers)

Joy Lai                    The Road

J Lagunas                Abuela, Madre, Hija

Fran Gormley                In Dreams Awake

Enok Ripley & Rant Casey        TKTKTKTK

Juan Giraldo                Mom and Dad

Celia Eberle                Neptune

Samira Abassy            Carrying Her Own Corpse

Kate Stone                Bottle-Fly

Steve Smulka                Aura

Carlos Estevez            Arrivals & Departures

Vincent Valdez            “26.2034° N, 98.2300° W”

Ismael Flores Ruvalcaba        Las Manchas

                    La Madre


Leslie Jamison            Judge’s Note

E.G. Cunningham            The Exedra

Nadia Owusu                Aftershocks


Harris Lahti                Interview with Otessa Moshfegh